Field Goals – Evaluating the Impact of Virtual Reality in Electromagnetics Education

2012, Nikhil Saxena Patrick Pensabene Regis Kopper, Ph.D. Dr. Tabitha Peck

Field Goals is a game developed for the Duke Immersive Virtual Environment (DiVE), which allows for 3D visualization of and interaction with electromagnetic fields and forces, both of which are not easily visualized in everyday life. In each game level, the user has control of a charged particle and must hit a target, but the user must take into account the effects of the various electric and/or magnetic fields also present in the level. These fields affect the trajectory of the particle, and Field Goals makes use of the DiVE’s 3D visualization capabilities to show the full path of the particle as it travels throughout the level. The levels are fully customizable, and subsequent users can easily change the number of fields, as well as their strength, color, and position, without diving into the source code.