Civil Engineering

As part of completing their engineering curriculum requirements, seniors take Integrated Structural Design and/ or Integrated Environmental Design, where they interact as employees of a fictitious company, Overture. The courses are interwoven with Architectural Engineering II—Overture’s “architectural division” – taken by juniors and seniors pursuing an architectural engineering certificate. Student “employees” work within their division and then collaborate in cross-divisional teams. The groups tackle aspects of real-world engineering projects. Students typically collaborate on the design of 50,000 square feet of campus research space. To kick-off the project, a site development roundtable is conducted utilizing local multidisciplinary professionals. Students are responsible for different facets of the project, ultimately working as teams for the most cost-effective, code and standards compliant design. As project deliverables, students develop suitable documentation and reports supporting design assumptions, in a manner sufficient for bidding.


DiVE These tools allow students an experiential opportunity that reveals the impact and inter-relationship of technical and aesthetic decisions made during the design process. The University’s Immersive Virtual Environment (DiVE) provides exactly this kind of kinesthetic learning experience for Overture students. The 6-sided virtual theater provides an immersive and fully interactive spatial experience of each Overture’s team design solutions.