Sarah Goetz

Multi-Media Specialist

Sarah Goetz is a visual artist primarily focusing in light & fiber-based installations, experimental 16mm film, and abstract painting. At Duke, Sarah works for the Wired Group investigating, testing, & teaching techniques and technologies that are changing the way scholars in the humanities are asking and pursuing their research questions. These ventures include 3D Scanning, 3D Modeling, Photogrammetry, and Google Earth & GIS Mapping. Searching for ways in which to spread this out-of-the-box scholarship to a larger audiences highlights the other side of Sarah’s technological interests – the ever expanding possibilities of internet publication & presentation. Sarah welcomes these opportunities to geek out about html5, css3, mobile first & responsive web design, and the myriad of ways these can be fitted to Content Management Systems or put to the use of achieving non-linear argument. She also puts these & film-making skills to work documenting DiVE projects and building a sustainable system for an online archive of DiVE activities.

Sarah is currently exploring the intersections of her interests by dabbling in interactive light/fiber installations as inspiration interfaces. She hopes to one day bring the brilliance of the work of Leah Buechley to the poetic genius of Ann Hamilton.

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