Ronak Etemadpour

PhD Candidate, Viscomx (Visual communication and Expertise), Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

Ronak Etemadpour is a doctoral student of Visual Studies. She came to Duke University in January 2012 as a visiting scholar in the Department of Art, Art History, & Visual Studies as a part of Duke-Jacobs collaborative international graduate education program in visual studies and the humanities. Ronak is a junior fellow in VisComX research at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany with a focus in visualization and computer graphics. VisComX is a trans-disciplinary resting upon four core disciplinary pillars: Communication Science/Media Studies as nexus discipline, connecting art history, experimental psychology, and computer science.

Areas of research while at Duke:

  • Designed and conducted experiments in the DiVE exploring how people perceive graph networks in 3D layouts in relation to a prior study conducted on 2D layouts.
  • Used an Eye-Tracking System in order to evaluate candidate’s eye movement using LSP (least square projection of high dimensional datasets)
  • Studied human perception in visualization pipeline by designing human experiments, user studies, and evaluations.
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