Rachael Brady

Rachael Brady specializes in the use of technology to aid data exploration and analysis. She promotes the use of visualization and virtual reality technologies for improved understanding of scientific data and human cognition. With nearly twenty-years of experience, she is a leader in the creation of facilities and development of solutions that combine statistical methods, digital image processing methods and visualization methods to provide insight into scientific questions.

While at Duke, Brady was the founding director of the Visualization Technology Group (vis.duke.edu), and was responsible for the installation and operation of the DiVE. She was also actively involved with developing innovative cross-disciplinary research programs through her role as faculty advisor to the ISIS (interdisciplinary studies + information sciences) program (isis.duke.edu). In this capacity she worked on art and engineering collaborations that have produced the FreeSpace and soundSense demonstration/performances.

Rachael Brady is perusing more hands-on research at Cisco.

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