Patrick Pensabene

Software Engineer

Patrick Pensabene is currently an undergraduate senior dual majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He has been interested in computer graphics for a long time and finally took it upon himself to really get into learning about the topic during his sophomore year. Beginning fall of 2012 he and a partner began working on a project to use the DiVE to teach students about electromagnetics. This project became Field-Goals, a game where the user had to use their knowledge of electromagnetics to hit a target with a charged particle. The project was continued into the spring and a study was run to see whether the game actually was educational. During summer 2013 Patrick will be working as an intern at Nvidia before returning to Duke for one more year to get his Masters of Engineering degree. Afterwards he hopes to find a permanent job in a graphics related field.

Patrick Pensabene was actively involved with Field Goals – Evaluating the Impact of Virtual Reality in Electromagnetics Education

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