Nikhil Saxena

Lead Student Researcher, Software Engineer

Nikhil Saxena is an undergraduate student double majoring in Electrical/Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering with a passion for software development. Only three classes away from a triple major in Computer Science, he is experienced in many facets of software development, ranging from machine learning to computer vision to, now with this project, augmented reality. Nikhil assisted in the physics simulations and graphical programming in Field Goals, and he took the lead in designing an IRB-approved research study to evaluate the usefulness of the tool in electromagnetics education. He was active in all aspects of the study, including participant recruitment, the actual process of taking participants through the study, and subsequent data analysis. After graduating in May 2013, he will work as a Back-End Software Engineer at Yelp.

Nikhil Saxena was actively involved with Field Goals – Evaluating the Impact of Virtual Reality in Electromagnetics Education

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