Nicola Lercari

Postdoctoral Associate

Nicola Lercari is a Postdoctoral Associate with the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies. He is a member of the Dig@Lab and takes part in the international research project 3D Digging at Çatalhöyük (Turkey) as supervisor for laser scanning, digital documentation, and real-time visualization. Nicola’s research focuses on visualization technologies applied to the arts and humanities. His interests span a wide variety of cultural-digital topics, such as remote sensing in archaeology, cross-media systems for museums, 3D gaming environment for education, augmented reality, and big data. Nicola is also a member of the Visualization Technologies Group (VTG) and collaborates with the Wired! Group as an instructor of undergraduate courses on 3D graphics and 3D virtual worlds. He holds a Ph.D. in History and Computing from the University of Bologna, Italy and worked on several digital humanities initiatives both in Italy (with CINECA Supercomputing Center and the University of Bologna) and in the United States (with the University of California Merced) before coming to Duke in 2013.

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