new art works in virtual reality

Friday, Feb 8 4-7pm

Engineering Quad, West Campus

The Duke immersive Virtual Environment & the MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke University present two new art works in Virtual Reality.

artist talks, immersive experiences, light refreshments

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Did You Mean? 
Elizabeth Landesberg, Peter Lisignoli, Laura Dogget in collaboration with David Zielinski
Did You Mean? explores the implications of using the word “word” to imply a single vessel or container of meaning. It invites DiVE participants to play around inside language itself, moving through the multiplicities of possibilities for meaning in a single word, and especially in translation. In Sanskrit, any number of words can be combined using hyphens and still be considered a single modifier, the longest of which has 54 component words joined by hyphens. Participants can select certain elements of this word with the wand and see and/or hear how they are usually defined on their own. Selecting a part of the word with the wand triggers a sound and/or an image, which build to a cacophony of sometimes meaningful, sometimes jarring collisions.


Laurenn McCubbin and Marika Borgeson in collaboration with David Zielinski
an exploration of the sounds, spaces and visuals of Las Vegas, though the eyes of a senior citizen looking to have a good time in Sin City.

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