DiVE Re-opens on April 14th

 The DiVE’s new face-lift

DiVE Perspective

For the last six months, the Duke immersive Virtual Environment has undergone its first significant set of renovations. The newly remodeled DiVE will officially open to the public on Tuesday April 13th at 4:00pm in the CIEMAS building, room 1617A. Thanks to a Major Research Instrumentation Award from the National Science Foundation, the DiVE’s renovations will provide industry-leading service for years to come. We are confident that the recent installations will augment our collective sense of reGlassesality beyond that which we might generally encounter. For one, the newly installed system generates 1920 x 1920 pixels on each wall (versus the original resolution of 1050 x 1050pixels). With almost four times the number of pixels, we will surely notice a greater amount of detail then we would have before.

     Projectors All 2These new implementations can be attributed to the newly installed Christy WU7K-M projectors[1]. In order to generate a higher resolution image, each wall has two projectors working in unison. These projectors are simultaneously generating the same image, blending the overlap zone between them as a means to increase the output resolution. The DiVE supports multiple platforms—including C, C++ (through CCG), MATLAB, AVIZO, and Unity—which minimizes future compatibility issues.

      In addition, the newly installed projectors allow us to precisely align the seams of each corner—making it increasingly difficult to detect breaks in corners. As a result of these upgrades, students and faculty can now make out the finer details of projects that were undetectable before. And thus, we can now use the DiVE as a visual tool for scientific data and be more confident about our empirical observations.

[1] For projector specs: http://www.christiedigital.com/en-us/business/products/projectors/3-chip-dlp/m-series/Pages/christie-WU7K-M-DLP-Digital-Projector.aspx