DiVE Featured on EdTech

Reprinted with permission from EdTech: Focus on Higher Education

Reprinted with permission from EdTech: Focus on Higher Education

Virtual reality provides amazing opportunities in the fields of teaching, learning, and research.  Jacquelyn Bengfort focuses on these possibilities in her article “Virtual Reality Facilitates Higher Ed Research and Teaches High-Risk Skills” on EdTech, a publication focused on technology and education.

Bengfort discusses how virtual reality can enhance education by acting as a simulator; it enables professors to “bring the world to their students.” Duke is on the cutting edge of this educational opportunity with its recent renovations to the DiVE.

Virtual reality also provides opportunities for interdisciplinary research. The DiVE brings together a wide variety of professionals to collaborate on projects.

In addition to focusing on the DiVE, Bengfort highlights virtual reality’s role at the California State University Maritime Academy, in which it helps train students for sea, and at the Harvard Business School, in which virtual reality provides students with a virtual classroom in HBX Live.

Read Bengfort’s article at http://www.edtechmagazine.com/higher/article/2016/05/virtual-reality-facilitates-higher-ed-research-and-teaches-high-risk-skills.